" Peggigami" Artist

Peggy Nishio –

Peggy NishioNature and happenings around me spark my attention and creative process. I am fascinated by color, shadows, the negative space and interested in how I can recreate the image. Color and light are my leaders and I seek the elegant flow and energy of these entities.

I see texture in trees, I see color in sunsets and I want to use those elements in my art. But I don’t draw trees and I don’t paint sunsets. I let the images talk to me to create a texture or a feeling of warmth within the different mediums I use. My preference is to work in any medium that is 3-dimensional.

I was born, raised and immersed in the art world! My mother, Mabel Enkoji was known around the globe for her ceramic sculpture, my father, Renso creates beautiful paintings and drawings and both sisters, Ann Enkoji and Nancy Enkoji are accomplished in ceramics, painting, jewelry and mixed media. My whole life has been surrounded by art and creativity.

Peggy is a Southern California native and currently resides in Yorba Linda. She is Mabel Jingu Enkoji’s daughter.